sawang2!!!! long time not update my story here. I already forgot on this diary as a medium to express myself. I am really2 sorry blog..haven't get time and mood to update anything's been 2 months already.I finished my study on Bacelor sc Nutrition & Community Health with flying in colour and I noticed that I manage myself to get Dean List for!!!it was a great achievement for me because I know my capability. I am lazy gul..super lazy!hehe.I didn't like to study n luv to being busy with other stuffs. But its ok..4 years in UPM brought many memories and experiences to me..I cannot forget it until now..miss u all my friends.huhu

So...i think i need to upgrade my efforts to make my blog CLEAN & CLEAR!(wahhh.macam promote cosmetic products jew!haha)
ok then...I need to going back now before road become jam n I will stuck on the road.haha.bye!

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