::2 July 2010::resignation

I dont know what I've suppose to do now.. Today is my last day working at FRHAM (formerly known as Federation of Family Planning Associations, Malaysia). I am working here at 10th June 2010..almost 1 month here but I am really happy because of they welcome me n my fren, Safiah very well. I learns so many thing here..I have to speak in English in most of time and I try my best speaking in English although I know my English is not good enough.hehehe.sometimes, I spoke broken English with my staffs n alo with my boss, JV. She is very nice person n she not felt angry or upset when I said that I want to quit..but at the back, i dunno what she think about me.

I got my first salary when I started my job in FRHAM..RM1000 was very big amount if u are like me..fresh graduates that do not have enough working experiences n juz working for 2 weeks.got 1000 u know.ahahaha.n i'm waiting for my balance of salary because I works here until 6 july but i take leave for 2 days starting dis afternoon. So, even Im already leave this place, my salary still counting until next tuesday. yezzzzaaaa!haha

After this, I will start my new career in SIme Darby.. I join Sime Darby Management Apprenticeship Programme..From more than 1000 candidates who apply for this programme, I am one of the candidates get their offer. Am I good enough?huhuhu.I take it as challenges and I have to take d risks when I entering new environment, corporat key..500 candidates will register at Genting View Resort for 1 month so, I need to compete with other candidates to show our capabilities to the management of SD..sO, pry for my successful there. I hope 1 day when I finish this programme, I will be one of the candidates that being absorbed to SD..wahhh.have lots of benefits when u entering GLC company..so wish me luck k!(^_^)

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