training dah habes!

wow!dengar title pun aku sendiri da rasa practical starting from 4 mei till 26 june was done in peace.keke~
banyak pengalaman yg aku dapat tyme keje tanpa gaji ni.even xbanyak sgt keje,i'm enjoying my works and happy when i got to meet patients at d clinics n met d community there. some stories may coz a lot of tears if i explained in details. not all people are living well n not all babies r x cute!ahaha~i lurve baby!wish to have twin.enough for me, during my last week of training,my supervisor, EN AZLI was in Ranau, my fren(dira) n i was attached to KKIA..act i've been there almost 3 weeks..but w'all byk maen jew.hehe.the doctors n staffs there was very kind n help us a lot.thanx for ur cooperation sis~
now,i juz want to focus on my report.not start anything yet.tension maybe.hehe...i wish i can do a good report n get d flying colours from my lecturer.hihi~

ok la..i stop here..muah!

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