nOir eT bLANC...

I do not know how to spell dis title..noir et blanc..ho3..but actually it was a grand2(kononnye le) my faculty dinner on 7 August 2009. actually it supposed on 31 july but due to the emergency break(HINI lohhh)..we postponed the dinner.hoho..b4 i entering the ballroom..I think dat it was very grand n nice event...but when the speaker start to speak n bla3...I became very upset...dis event bored! n I felt sad for dis dinner..I dunno what is happen but the event, especially foods was not like to celebrate final juz like a jamuan during hari raya.hermmm..but..what can I do..I'm not one of the ajk..n we juz follow n tried to be cheerful during d event..
however, I felt happy becoz we met each other n hv some gathering during slide presentation.wahaha~jaat giler la..
ermmm..kat atas tu juz some pics taken during d juz enjoy d pics yaaa!

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