My baby at 8 weeks (12-18 Dec)

Hi everyone! Hari ni i nak speaking London..sila dengar yek!:p

This week, i just entering 2nd month of pregnancy @ 8 weeks.. Still very new and the baby also still not very strong. But, i will take care my self just to get you keep inside and healthy baby..Please2..i will do my best for you and you too..jangan bagi mummy sakit2 na...:D
Lets check out what happen in my tummy at 8 weeks.!

At about 36 days of development, your baby's ears begin to assume a more human shape. The baby is starting to resemble a newborn. The facial muscles begin to develop, the eyes begin to develop color, the eye muscles begin to form, the eyelids start to develop and the nerve fibers that connect the nose to the brain begin to form. In the heart, the valves are present and distinct. The body's trunk area is getting longer and straightening out. Elbows are present, and arms and legs extend forward. By the end of this week, your baby will be about 1.4-2cm (½ to ¾ in). 
What will be happen to me now?
Before pregnancy your uterus was the size of your fist. Now it is the size of a grapefruit. Your uterus isn't the only part of your body that has grown, your breasts are getting larger too. Maybe it is time to shop for lingerie. Some women may feel tightening or contractions throughout pregnancy. If you don't feel this, don't worry.
 What i feel now..
Every pregnancy is unique. If you feel pregnancy related symptoms or if you feel absolutely 'normal', don't waste time and energy worrying about how you should feel now that you are pregnant. Instead why not take things easy and go for a holiday and simply take one day at a time. 

Even advisable to go for holiday, i think better for me to stay at home for 2-3 weeks after this.Coz i think my trip to Surabaya very tiring. hahaha..and better for me to save money for my child..banyak nak guna duet weyhhhh...

Ok, dah..pray for my health and my baby inside ya!

* Sorry bout my English..lama tak menulis grammar pon tunggang langgang..peace!

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