How does a 5 weeks fetus look like..

Salam semua...

Apa yang terjadi semasa usia 5 minggu...

" The little one is now 1.24mm long (0.05 in), roughly the size of apple seed. By the end of this week, the beginnings of all your baby's major organ systems will be in place. Although miniscule, your baby's body is complex at this stage"

 Comelnye baby..macam biji epal jek.hik2..okay..I promise to take of you nice to mummy..mummy & daddy luv u..:D

Suddenly teringat subjek Biologi dulu..beria2 hafal ZEF!

E- Embrio
F- Fetus

Hehehe become my fetus now..aja..please take care yourself ya..

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Bahiyah said... nyer dah peknen. :)